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Guyana National Women’s Football Association to enhance football in hinterlands

Guyana National Women’s Football Association has committed to the further development of this sport in hinterland regions following athletes impressive performance in 2021.

Guyana U17 Girls' National Team on the historic occasion of qualifying for the 2022 Concacaf Under-17 Women's Championship (GFF)

To this end, the GNWFA plans to undertake significant development and talent identification for the sport later this year.

GNWFA Vice President Lawrence Griffith

“In the hinterland female football is very dominant.”

Lawrence Griffith, Vice President of the GNWFA said

“If you visit those hinterland regions you can see the eagerness, the excitement and the skill level.”

“And with the proper training, you can get good and better players coming out from the hinterland.”

He added.

He noted that this can be achieved by providing them with constant training and consistent play.

Notably, the Lady Jags U17 team who just last year earned a spot at the currently ongoing CONCACAF qualifiers is made up of mostly hinterland players.

Also worth mentioning, a record number of hinterland teams participated in the year-end 2021 historic Women’s Super-16 Festival.

He highlighted some specific areas in which they hope to enhance the sport in the hinterlands.

“They have the ground right. But the ground needs enhancing. They need balls, goals, goal net, corner flags, you know. So once you have all these things and once you have proper refereeing the standard will rise.”

“And you also need proper coaching – because what happens is many times you have players come to Georgetown to play but they’re not aware of what to do.”

This will in turn lift the standard of their football and improve the level of play.

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