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Guyana launches key strategies to commemorate Malaria Day 2022

Centre, Dr Frank Anthony, Minister of Health, and partners from the Ministry, PAHO WHO, USAID, and Breakthrough ACTION at the Launch of the GMP4 Framework and National Malaria SBC Strategy

The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with its partners, Breakthrough ACTION Guyana, USAID, and PAHO/WHO, on Friday launched two key strategies, the National Malaria Social and Behaviour Change (SBC) Strategy and the Guyana Malaria Public Private Partnership (GMP4) Framework in recognition of Malaria Day in the Americas as Guyana steps closer to realising its goal of zero-malaria infections by 2030.

The National Malaria SBC Strategy and the GMP4 Framework fill two critical gaps in Guyana’s national malaria response. The Strategy and the Framework also provide a platform to make further inroads into changing behaviours that have contributed to the spread of malaria and create a common vision for malaria elimination in the country.

The GMP4 Framework and the National SBC Strategy benefited from significant collaboration between the Ministry and its partners, including the Guyana Gold and Diamond Mining Association, the Guyana Women’s Miners Organization, the National Mining Syndicate, Guyana Geology and Mines Commission and PAHO/WHO.

The development of the GMP4 Framework culminated with a three-day workshop held between November 1-3, 2022, to further discuss and agree on the strategies for implementation of the Framework in 2023.

Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony noted that the launch of the National Malaria SBC Strategy and the Guyana Malaria Public Private Partnership (GMP4) Framework "will demonstrate Guyana’s commitment to Zero Malaria by 2030.”

"This is an urgent opportunity for stakeholders and partners -like Breakthrough ACTION to recognize we can achieve the elimination of Malaria if we continue to work together.”

US Ambassador to Guyana Sarah-Ann Lynch, in recognition of the launch of the two strategies, said the US government has been and will continue to be resolute in the fight against Malaria in Guyana and The Americas.

“The American government has been consistent in its support to the Global Fund, the Pan American Health Organization, and more recently, to the Breakthrough ACTION Project.”

Ambassador Lynch further opined, “the success of both strategies requires unwavering commitment and willingness from all stakeholders both Government and the Private Sector to continue to collaborate with each other for the ultimate goal - Malaria Elimination.”

Dr Luis Felipe Codina, PAHO/WHO Representative, noted that despite the progress Guyana has made, "among the most valuable lessons from PAHO’s 120 years of institutional experience in disease elimination are the importance of political commitment, allocation of appropriate funding and resources, a health system that leaves no one behind, robust health surveillance, as well as community ownership, engagement, and focus on vulnerable populations"

Project Director of Breakthrough ACTION Elizabeth Serlemitsos, who also spoke, lauded the collaboration among the partners, “By nurturing public-private partnerships, domestic resources can be mobilised and optimised, which will enhance the sustainability of malaria programming."

Malaria Day in the Americas is observed annually on November 6 to reinforce the Region’s commitment to malaria elimination and prevention.

The theme for the observances this year in Guyana is “Harnessing innovation to reduce malaria disease burden and save lives.”


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