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Guyana Chess Federation gains assistance from FIDE in developing more titled players for Guyana

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

The Guyana Chess Federation, represented by Vice-President Anand Raghunauth, met with the International Chess Federation to develop plans for the advancement of local chess players.

FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich with GCF Vice President Anand Raghunauth

Vice President of the Guyana Chess Federation Anand Raghunauth attended a meeting in Mexico City, Mexico - organised by the planning and development committee for FIDE and hosted by the Confederation of Chess for Americas (CCA).

This collaboration has led to plans for developing the sport in Guyana, with the first joint project being hybrid tournaments to assist Guyanese chess players in acquiring FIDE ratings.

Raghunaught said,

“It will give enthusiasm to the young players, it will bring a different look to our set-up in Guyana and it will expand and foster chess in ways we never imagined.”

The project will consist of staging Hybrid Chess Tournaments to be recognized by FIDE and therefore qualifying players to earn rating points.

Hybrid Tournaments are structured so that players from each country are seated in a single location in their home jurisdictions, and playing against others located similarly in their own countries.

“This is very cost-effective, cause in the past you had to travel to gain rating and meet the required number of rated players in a tournament.”

He said.

Each location will be supervised by FIDE certified arbiters, who will be in constant communication with each other throughout the tournament, to resolve issues and to ensure fair play.

Vice President of the Guyana Chess Federation Anand Raghunaught
“Many of the chess players are yearning for this opportunity. Now with hybrid tournaments with collaboration with different federations across the Americas, we can now bring this to them in a different way.”

This opportunity is important for the long term and sustainable development of chess as the exposure will ensure Guyana creates a larger pool of rated players hence the natural progress towards titles.

This will be especially beneficial for local players who have not had any opportunities to improve their international ratings since the onset of the pandemic.

The creation of invitational tournaments with close collaboration with the larger Federations in the region will influence their strategic approach to development.

Currently, Guyana only has seven titled players.

Present at the meeting were the President of FIDE, Arkady Dvorkovich, Managing Director Dana Reniznice-Ozloa, Executive Director Victor Bologan GM, and President of FIDE-America’s IA Jorge Vega along with delegates from 28 Federations from North, Central and South America.

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