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‘Gutsy Backyard’ launched to equip students with life skills

Gutsy Backyard’ was launched on Monday at the National Library, seeking to strengthen the moral behaviour of students. The initiative will target six core values among the students namely: respect, responsibility, fairness, citizenship and caring and was conceptualised by overseas based Guyanese, Janice Hall.

In her remarks, she highlighted that the development of a person’s character is based on what is taught and not necessarily on what is portrayed.

It is in this regard she noted that “all these skills are vital for children to succeed in school, in college, in the workplace in their career and to live happy, worthy, fulfilling lives.”

In order for these values to be developed in a child, the efforts of teachers, parents, and other positive stakeholders are required, she said.

“Introduce them to this event daily, taking no more than five [5] minutes, preferably at the beginning of the day and then define opportunities or look for them throughout the day to point out or enforce these behaviours.”

Meanwhile, Chief Education Officer (CEO) of the Ministry of Education Dr. Marcel Hutson lauded the initiative saying that it falls in line with the ministry’s goal of combating anti-social behaviour among students.

“The value system that this programme is going to impart, I think it is critical,’ he noted.

He added that there are other plans of similar nature to come on board.

The website features resources and interactive sessions among others for persons to access. A team of professionals are also available to guide stakeholders on delivering the content. Persons who wish to access the website can so at


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