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Guaranteed money for fishermen as marine cage culture project to roll out in two weeks time

Marine cage

Several marine cages are set to arrive in Guyana today which will be used to roll out this much needed marine cage culture project.

According to Agriculture Minister Zulfikar Mustapha, this roll out will begin in about two weeks time with pilot projects in Lake Capoey and Mainstay, Whyaka.

He made this announcement on Wednesday while addressing a gathering in Region Two.

“The cages will be here in the country by tomorrow (today) and over the next two weeks we have the people them to assemble the cages and the cage culture will start in those two areas,” Minister Mustapha said.

The ‘marine cage culture’ project is an initiative the Government has embarked upon to support the fishing industry.

With the introduction of marine cages, the Government and fisherfolk are hoping that catches will increase. Fishermen for some time have voiced concerns about the low catches now compared to previous years.

This initiative which was conceptualised under President Irfaan Ali’s vision will guarantee fishermen an improvement in catches and consequently revenue. Reduced income was also an income of the fishing community.

Earlier this year, President Ali also announced a $150,000 cash one-off grant for the fishermen.

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