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GTTA rolls out historic “My Gender, My Strength” camp

The Guyana Table Tennis Association is currently rolling out its historic “My Gender, My Strength” initiative to boost the number of females in the sport, as they work to have more female coaches certified.

The “My Gender, My Strength” camp is the first ever local initiative specifically targeted towards girls in the sport of table tennis.

The camp is being conducted by coach and development officer Candacy Mckenzie at the Malteenoes Sports Club.

This is only part of the association’s plans to boost women and girls in the sport this year as that they also aim to certify more women as coaches.

“We looked also to see how best we can get our female coaches involved. Because studies have shown that there’s a male bias in terms of coaches and it has a direct correlation and effect in the participation of girls.”

Guyana Table Tennis Association President Godfrey Munroe notes.

Munroe noted that within the GTTA there are approximately three times as many male coaches than female coaches.

However, he added that most of the trainers teaching students how to play in school are female teachers.

The association therefore plans to work to have these women officially certified as coaches.

To attain a level one certification, potential coaches need to complete an exam and build up a minimum number of practical hours coaching.

The exam can be administered locally as we have level two coaches in Guyana capable of doing so.


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