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GTTA brings “Pink Pongsters” to Essequibo Coast

As the Guyana Table Tennis Association continues to roll out the "My Gender My Strength," girls from schools in Queenstown, Essequibo Coast have had the chance to participate.

young girls from the Queenstown Primary School training with ITTF level one coach and development officer Candacy McKenzie

Young girls from the Queenstown Primary School have engaged in orientation sessions in the fundamental aspect of the game of table tennis.

They were granted this opportunity through the Guyana Table Tennis Association’s “Pink Pongsters” programme, funded through the International Table Tennis Federation’s “My Gender, My Strength” initiative to grow the number of girls in the sport.

The ITTF My Gender My Strength is an annual ITTF developmental program that seeks to enhance and advance women’s participation in table tennis by supporting ambitious and creative national projects designed for female players, coaches, match officials, administrators or managers.

The session was conducted at the Queenstown Community Centre on the Essequibo Coast by expert coach Candacy Mc Kenzie.

Coach Mc Kenzie outlined that these students must be nurtured and trained in the fundamental and correct elements of the game consistently given realising their potential.

Over 30 girls between the ages of six and 12 were present.

Similar programs are planned for Anna Regina, Charity Suddie in the region and across Guyana.

In terms of table tennis development for that area, a 12-hour table tennis coaching program was held for physical education teachers in the region, conducted by National Coach Linden Johnson, where 18 coaches were trained in December 2021.

The “Ping Pongsters” started in the last quarter of 2021 with Coach Xen Goliath working at the Beterverwagting Primary school where over 15 students are engaged.

Coach Shavin Green has been working in Linden at the McKenzie High school where over 10 girls are being trained.

ITTF level one coach and development officer Candacy Mckenzie at the Malteenoes Sports Club and the east bank with over 35 students and Coach Linden Johnson working with the regional schools.

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