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GTT’s Kwakwani Tower suffers structural damage, service disrupted in the area

The damaged Kwakwani Tower

GTT on Tuesday disclosed that its Kwakwani Tower suffered structural damage, which injured two employees and temporarily disrupted services in the area.


We regret to inform the public of an incident involving the our communication tower in Kwakwani, which has resulted in the injury of two employees and the temporary disruption of services in the area.

GTT’s Chief Operations Officer Randall Hewitt addressed the situation, stating, “Unfortunately, our communication tower in Kwakwani has suffered major structural damage. This has caused a disruption in communication services in the community.”

During the incident, two employees sustained injuries. “We are relieved to report that medical personnel have informed us that the injuries are not life-threatening,” said Hewitt. “The injured employees are currently en route to Linden for further medical treatments.”

With the tower down, communication with the Kwakwani area is presently unavailable. “Our technical team will assess the situation to determine the cause of the damage and to devise a plan for restoring services as soon as possible,” Hewitt explained.

The company is committed to keeping the public informed as more information becomes available. “We will continue to monitor the situation closely and provide updates on the status of tower restoration. Our paramount concern remains the well-being of our injured employees,” Hewitt assured.


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