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GTA records a significant increase in travellers since the COVID restrictions review

Guyana in March 2020 recorded its first case of the COVID-19 virus and this subsequently resulted in a reduction in tourist arrivals, not only because of the threat of the virus but also because of the travel restrictions which were implemented for entry to the country.

However, in March of this year, most of the restrictions were lifted such as mandatory mask-wearing and proof of a negative antigen test. Since then tourist arrivals have increased significantly, says Director (Ag) of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) Kamrul Baksh.

Baksh told News Update in a recent interview that "this year we’ve recorded just over 16,000 persons for January so that is about 85% of pre-COVID numbers, so we’re getting back up there and in February was just over 19,000 persons and that is also about 85-90% of pre- COVID number."

In the coming years, Baksh anticipates that this number will increase further considering Guyana’s economic development and even more so the safe atmosphere that the Government has been creating.

“We’re really confident in our system and travellers can now come to Guyana because they are assured that our system works and it’s reflecting in the number.”

Plans are also in place to diversify Guyana’s tourism product and even more so reduce the cost of tourism locally which will further attract a wider audience.

In the meanwhile, the Director (Ag) maintains that the tourism Ministry will work to give tourists a unique product and quality service.

Guyana and Barbados have entered a joint agreement that will see some 6000 Guyanese being trained in the tourism and hospitality sector. Mr Baksh highlighted that the final documentation is being approved so this training could begin.


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