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GT/VH Speedboat fare remains at $100, no authorised increase-MARAD

The Maritime Administration Department has made it clear that no fare increase has been authorised for water taxis/speedboats.

Recently, speedboat operators who traverse the Georgetown/Vreed-en-Hoop route were heard saying that the boat fare which currently stands at $100 would increase to $120 taking effect from August 8 but MARAD has made it known that any operator who increases the fare will face the appropriate disciplinary action.

Additionally, the boat fare for Parika/Supenaam, Parika Wakenaam, Parika/Leguan and Partika Bartica all remain the same.

Boat operators in recent months have been calling for an increase in fare, particularly in light of increased fuel price. However, as mentioned this has not been given the greenlight.

Please see below for full notice from MARAD

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