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GPHC commissions 40 chamber walk-in mortuary

A section of the new 40 chamber walk-in mortuary [Photo: GPHC/ August 02,2022]

Last month, the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) commissioned its newly constructed 40 chamber walk-in mortuary refrigerator and refurbished autopsy room.

This development comes on the helm of the hospital’s ongoing efforts to improve the quality of healthcare being offered to patients and their relatives.

The project, which cost approximately $60 million, was awarded to C&L Construction Inc. through the public tender process and was primarily aimed at transforming the previously dilapidated mortuary into a dignified space for bereaved families to spend time with their deceased loved ones.

A statement today noted that the new space features a walk-in mortuary refrigerator with 40 chambers, a revamped autopsy area with two fixed tables and five mobile trolleys, and expanded reception and waiting area.

The refurbished autopsy room [Photo: GPHC/ August 02, 2022]

“The renovated area affords a more conducive and organized space for storage and for the hospital’s pathology personnel to undertake postmortem examinations,” the statement said.

GPHC’s Chief Executive Officer (ag.) Robbie Rambarran noted that refurbishing the mortuary and autopsy area is a significant development for the GPHC as the hospital works to improve the standard of care at all levels, including the end of life.

“The new, calming space for bereaved families provides a refined viewing space with quiet ante-rooms where relatives may first see their deceased loved one. This is an often overlooked but important consideration for grieving families, and we hope that the new mortuary provides some added comfort for bereaved persons,” the statement concluded.


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