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Example of a Marine Cage

Guyana over the past months has seen an decrease in the fish catches. This has raised a number of concerns among fishermen who said they find it hard to sustain their livelihood.

However, President Dr. Irfan Ali during the launch of the Agriculture and Innovation Entrepreneurship programme has committed to aid in the lives of these fishermen.

According to the Head of State, his administration will soon be establishing 'marine cages' in various parts of the country.

"Which will give you a guarantee set of production annually and when we examine the number each one of those marine cage can bring in a net value of close to eight million dollars annually''

Dr. Ali said.

Dr. Ali further reminded that the low catches are not as a result by any political means.

"Globally there is a reduction and we have seen the scientific explanation as to why that reduction is there...there is no political direction or directed to the fish to not come here.''

Further more Dr. Ali says more plans are in place to develop aqua culture in Guyana since he believes this sector is critical to Guyana's development.

The PPP/C administration has not turned a deaf ears to the cries of the fishermen.

Currently the Ministry of Agriculture is conducting an assessment as to what is resulting in the low catches.

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