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Government commences Diaspora meetings in New York

Prime Minister Brigadier Ret'd Mark Phillips is currently in New York leading a team of Ministers and Government Officials on meetings with the diaspora.

The engagement commences on the 21st of February and concludes on the 25th of February, 2022.

The aim of holding these engagements with the diaspora is to allow Government officials to provide updates on any questions they may have related to Guyana and to also address their concerns and seek the way forward.

The town hall meetings expected to be held will be opened to all members of the diaspora This will provide the opportunity for them to discuss a number of topics and seek answers from these officials.

Several strategic meetings will also be held. However, these meetings will be focused on groups that include diaspora investors, academics, religious leaders, diaspora groups, school alumni and other specialised groups.

These meetings are strategic to the wider economic and social development objectives of the Government and are mediums through which the diaspora's attention and resources may be aligned with specific programmes, Ministries or sectors.

This International outreach is the first of many for 2022, Plans are also in the timeline to accommodate outreaches in Canada, the United Kingdom and the Caribbean.

The delegation will also be attending the Republic Day celebration slated for the 22nd February and a similar event on 23rd February 2022 where the Prime Minister will be addressing both events.

What is a Diaspora?

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