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Government and Opposition condemns Russia’s attack on Ukraine; calls for a cease-fire

The Government of Guyana and the People National Congress Reform (PNCR) are calling for the immediate cessation and peaceful resolution to the ongoing military action from Russia on Ukraine.

Government, in a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, says the recent military action by Russia is in violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine and is a threat to the region and countries everywhere.

Meanwhile, the PNCR in a statement said it has been following the events leading up to the war and believes that the continuation of this situation will most likely have grave implications for the peaceful development and geopolitics of Europe and the rest of the world.

Russia’s actions will also have negative consequences for the world economy, the PNCR adds.

Several other bodies including CARICOM and the United States (US) have also condemned the actions with the US issuing sanctions on Russia.

Russia and Ukraine are at war because Russia’s President Vladamir Putin does not approve of Ukraine’s decision to join NATO.

According to NBC News, a number of Ukrainians are living in fear as they hideout to escape this deadly fight while others are fleeing the country. More than 100 soldiers and civilians have been confirmed dead.

Citizens across Russia have also staged a massive protest condemning President Putin’s action.

Official Statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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