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Gov’t touts strengthening of traffic laws in light of fatal accidents

- "We simply cannot continue with this wasteful carnage of human life" – AG

Minister of Legal Affairs and Attorney General Anil Nandlall says for decades, road accidents have accounted for thousands of deaths in Guyana and he recognizes that the Government should do more in an effort to stop this.

Attorney General & Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall.

Minister Nandlall made these statements during a television programme called “Issues in the News.” His statements in light of the recent accident that occurred on Monday whereby a driver of a car was speeding and he lost control and slammed into a car, killing three men. The Attorney General revealed that the government may move to strengthen the regulatory framework that currently governs the way people use the road. However, he noted that this can only be achieved if everyone cooperates as it is the duty and the responsibility of road users to be careful on the roadways. “We have to do something about these unnecessary deaths on our roads, we have to do something in the way we drive, in the way we use the roads, drivers, cyclists, bikers, pedestrians and other users of the road,” the Attorney General said. Nandlall emphasized that this have to be stopped as soon as possible. “We simply cannot continue with this wasteful carnage of human life, this right here is a human’s right tragedy and there is one area that knows no discrimination.” According to the Attorney General, just like “Operation Clean-up”, a similar initiative is needed to direct persons on how to use the roadways more safely. “So that we can begin the process of at least reducing this alarming killing rate that seem to be taking place in the roadways or on the roadways of our country,Nandlall explained. Meanwhile, Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn said the ministry intends to improve the Guyana Police Force’s improve its performance by facilitating all the necessary measures for road safety. He is encouraging safer road usage, by all concerned, but particularly young vehicle and motorcycle operators and has expressed his regret and condolences to the families who are grieving at this time. Three accidents recently occurred killing persons at Mahaica Bridge, Agricola Public Road and on Monday at De Willem.

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