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Gov’t exploring Hope Canal as a sustainable source of water to meet high demand on the East Coast

Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal has revealed that the Government is conducting a feasibility study into utilising the Hope Canal as a sustainable potable water source.

He made this disclosure during his remarks at the commissioning of the Lusignan well on Tuesday.

Minister of Housing & Water Collin Croal at the commissioning of the Lusignan Well.

This is in keeping with Guyana Water Incorporated's (GWI’s) strategic plan to deliver 100% access to potable water for residents across the country.

Minister Croal explained that the water demand is increasing on the East Coast of Demerara.

Croal noted that for the past 18 months, GWI has allocated close to 3000 new water sources on the East Coast of Demerara and as such, this initiative is necessary.

"This approach is necessary as we confront climate change as well as respond to the growing demands for more service connections," Minister Croal stated.

President Dr Irfaan Ali expounding on the issue said tens of thousands of gallons of water from the Hope Canal is being dumped into the Atlantic Ocean.

According to the Head of the State, this can be treated and delivered to residents on the East Coast.

"It is not a simple task but we have a responsibility to ensure we develop and derive the best possible approach to the sustainable development of our country." President Ali said.


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