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Gov’t and Opposition differ on Cricket Carnival

The 2022 Cricket Carnival Celebration has concluded, but both sides of the political sphere share different opinions about how the week-long event improved cultural relations for young people.

During a press conference earlier this week, Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton noted that a sense of lawlessness and callous behaviour were promoted during events. Norton accused the government of blatantly politicising the celebration, adding that the event should have been one to promote unity.

“We should promote entertainment, but we should not politicise it. We should allow it to operate as a unifying factor to be entertained, but all this must be done recognising that the state has to allocate resources, and those resources must be allocated to improve the lives of the people of Guyana,” Norton said.

However, on Wednesday, Minister of Public Affairs Kwame McCoy responded via social media. Minister Mc Coy noted that Norton’s condemnation of the festival speaks volumes to his time as an advisor on youth affairs in the last administration.

“Even while Norton himself is hypocritically condemning entertainment, he can be seen being entertained regularly, gyrating to the same kind of music,” Mc Coy said.

The Public Affairs Minister noted that the allegations of division from the Opposition Leader are false, alluding to, “His desperate actions are clear signals a new dispensation of empowerment for all Guyanese under the people’s progressive party civic and demolishing the only ground the PNC know to stand.”

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