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GNBS lauded for progress in development of Quality Infrastructure Services

Technical Officer, Quality Promotions at the CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality (CROSQ) Latoya Burnham on Thursday applauded the Guyana National Bureau of Standards work to promote Quality Infrastructure (QI) in Guyana.

Latoya Burnham (Front)

Burnham was at the time presenting at a media sensitisation on Quality Infrastructure (QI) Services (Certification, Testing, Metrology and Standards Development.)

Media operatives at the sensitisation event.

“What has happened at the GNBS has exploded within the last 3- 5 years, they did so much development at the National level here in Guyana regardless of age.” Quality Infrastructure refers to a system comprising organisations both public and private together with policies, relevant and regulatory framework to support and enhance the quality, safeness and environmental soundness of goods, services and processes. “They have just propelled themselves as a bureau to be the leading of some of the older bureau within the regional level, and we really applaud the GNBS for what you guys have done.” GNBS was also recognised for their ability to launch a National Quality Awards that recognise businesses for their commitment to quality systems and best practices. Guyana and Jamaica are the only Caribbean countries that have a National Quality Awards. CROSQ is currently working along with Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua and Barbuda and St Vincent and the Grenadines. “Guyana was able to accomplish something that we try to walk some of the other member states through, but we were not successful.” Meanwhile, Communications Officer of the Ministry of Tourism Industry & Commerce Cordell McClure who spoke on behalf of Minister Oneidge Walrond said steps are being taken to offer support in the development of the QI. CROSQ is an umbrella body for all National Bureau Standards that promote efficiency and the competitive production of goods and services, through the process of standardisation and the verification of quality across the Region.


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