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Mayor of Georgetown Pandit Ubraj Naraine has expressed his readiness for local government elections slated for March 23, 2023. He is however concerned about the current voters list.

In a statement issued on Friday morning, Mayor of Georgetown highlighted that it was the incumbent administration while in Opposition who called for a new voters list in 2015.

He noted that on that occasion, the administration requested that the list be compiled based on fresh house-to-house enumeration as part of a number of recommendations for reforms to enhance credibility of the list.

During a telephone conversation on Friday, Mayor Naraine told MTV News Update that while he is ready to contest the upcoming election, he is concerned about the current list and the effects it could have on the outcome.

“During our 2020 National (General) and Regional Elections, there were numerous things that were raised within that recount then recently appointed Clement Rohee indicated that if we really want to see a fair election we need a new list.” The Mayor said.

Mayor Naraine believes that there must be a level of transparency when voters elect officials for various municipalities across Guyana. He noted that while GECOM has expressed its readiness, there must still be a level of confidence in the system.

“It is something within our country that we are not holding politicians by their words. The people of my country we need to hold politicians on their policies and what they had called for.” He noted.

In excess of $783 million was approved this year for the holding of next year’s elections, as part of GECOM’s 2022 budgetary allocation. Some $2.9 billion has been allocated to GECOM for preparatory works to ensure the successful planning and execution of LGE.

In a statement, Minister of Local Government Nigel Dharamlall said, “The Government of Guyana is committed to the upholding of democracy and believes that the holding of Local Government Elections is an important pillar in our democratic political system.”

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