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General Registrar, Immigration Support Services now quicker and more efficient with mmg+ collab

The Ministry of Home Affairs and the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT) have launched the Mobile Money Guyana (mmg+) service for the General Registrar Office (GRO) and the Immigration Support Services (ISS).

In the early days of covid-19, digital solutions became a staple across all sectors in Guyana and proved effective in making a number of services more efficient.

Now, as the Government pursues modernisation, the Ministry of Home Affairs has become a biller to facilitate delivery of services from the General Registrar Office (GRO) and the Immigration Support Services (ISS).

General Manager mmg+ Bobita Ram says this will allow customers to apply and pay online at the Ministry of Home Affairs website to be able to quickly and easily have essential documents posted to them.

“Each of us find ourselves needing apply for a birth certificate, marriage certificate, unfortunately sometimes a death certificate and other documents that are integral to everyday life. And many if not all of us have looked forward to a day when processing that application is smooth and easy.”

She states that the Government is committed to ensuring that doing business in Guyana is much easier and convenient as this can be done from anywhere in Guyana in just a few minutes.

Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn notes this will provide more efficient service to the public, especially to Guyanese who would typically need to travel far distances to update or obtain vital documents.

“We cannot fail to raise the quality, level of service, level of interface, speed and efficiency at which we provide this service - if we want to develop our country.”

The Minister says this will also make Guyanese safer since they will no longer need to walk around with significant amounts of cash on them

He hinted that other agencies through the Ministry may have their services payable through mmg+ in the future.

21st century digital payment services at these agencies have now been brought to more than 100,000 Guyanese.

Ram says mmg+ plans to have this service extended to Guyanese in the diaspora in the near future. Services for payment of bills are expected to be expanded soon as well.

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