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GECOM to conduct an investigation into Opposition's concerns on the continuous registration process

The APNU/AFC opposition had expressed a lack of confidence in the ongoing continuous registration process and had subsequently requested a meeting with GECOM to address their concerns.

The coalition party met on Tuesday with officials of GECOM and commissioners of the PPP/C where they highlighted their reasons for the lack of confidence.

These included “the lack of public information, the alleged breaches in GECOM processes and lack of consistency in the standard operating procedures at various offices.”

The party in a statement adds that GECOM did not have any mechanism in place to confirm the authenticity of birth certificates –a document required for continuous registration.

Additionally, the issue of breaches in the hiring and issuing of the ID card process was also highlighted.

However, the party made it clear that despite not being satisfied with the process its scrutineers will continue to be present at the various offices to police the process.

After hearing the party’s concern, GECOM has committed to deliberate on the matters and to conduct thorough investigations.

GECOM will share its findings and will meet with the Coalition more frequently to discuss these matters.

Meanwhile, the party is also of the view that the country's election system required substantial reforms and that GECOM should not engage in any new elections without these reforms.

The Coalition further stated that those reforms must benefit from international best practices and are geared at producing credible results that will have public acceptance.


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