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GAWU to meet with GUYSUCO to discuss transition of workers at Enmore Packaging Facility

Some 40 workers employed at the Enmore Packaging Facility currently being used to packaged sugar are expected to transition into the converted facility of a mechanic shop once completed.

This was announced by Agriculture Minister Zulfikar Mustapha on Friday last.

This announcement was initially welcomed by the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) who is the body representing these workers.

President of the Union Seepaul Narine told News Update in an interview

"We welcome very much the Minister announced that the workers will be employed with the new company and secondly he announced a two-month bonus that is very much welcome I believe it’s a good move in the right direction"

Mr Narine pointed out too that the Union and the Guyana Sugar Corporation is expected to meet this Thursday where

"We are going to meet with GUYSUCO to talk about how the workers transition into the new employment and also what obligations the employer has towards the employee."

He further noted that the Union will 'meet with all the workers on Tuesday "to discuss this matter further.

However, thus far "they have welcomed this venture."

The conversion of the Enmore Packaging Facility into a machinery shop to provide services to the oil and gas sector is a joint partnership between Guyson and K.B Industries. Once completed some 500 persons are expected to gain employment.


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