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Flood water recedes in Mahdia, overnight rainfall expected

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Residents of Mahdia are now left to sanitise their homes and places of business as the flood waters continue to recede.

MTV News Update has been reliably informed that most of the water has receded but residents are still faced with the damage from the flood and stench left behind.

One resident, Lewis Calder, expressed concerns over the size of a koker in Wrong Turn, which he believes is wholly inadequate for the area.

"I tell the RDC people when they were doing this koker that the pipe too small to drain water when rain fall and they ignore me. Now look what happen, I flood out."

He noted that he raised his concern about the koker to the Mayor of Mahdia and even went to his home asking for relief this morning, but to no avail.

"Early morning I deh by he door with me long foot shorts and me towel, calling the mayor to come and see wah going on, all till now nobody ain't come. Look how high they gah full me yard to come in, who giving me money to avoid all these things."

While the water is receding, rainfall is expected in the town tonight, which may lead to another bout of floods.

The water level in Mahdia rose to about three feet and many residents had to relocate, while others are sanitising their homes and surroundings.

Some 21 households in Wrong Turn, Tumatumari and 7 Miles have been affected with drinking water already distributed in Tumatumari.

The situation is continuously being monitored.

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai was on the ground today, distributing flood relief hampers to those affected in Wrong Turn.


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