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“Five for Fun” Cricket commences with Trainer of Trainers Exercise

One of the Facilitators Rohan Bacchus addressing some teachers from the Primary Schools in Essequibo. Rayburn Gonsalves is the other facilitator (Photo: GCB)

The Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) commenced the Inaugural Republic Bank Five for Fun training with a 1-Day interactive classroom exercise in each of the three counties.

The initial phase of the “Five for Fun” initiative began with interactive sessions held on July 5 at the GCB Cricket Facility in La Bonne Intention (LBI), July 6 at the Imam Bacchus ground in Essequibo, and July 8, 2022, at the Albion Community Centre.

The 1-Day interactive classroom exercise had full representation from the invited primary schools in Linden, Upper Demerara, Christianburg One Mile, St. Aidan’s, Regma, and Mackenzie.

The sessions were geared at facilitating discussions of the fundamental elements of coaching cricket at the Primary school level, including but not limited to topic areas captured in the ICC Foundation Coaching Course. This training is CWI’s first qualifying stage for coaches.

TDO Colin Stuart flanked by some teachers from Primary Schools in Demerara (Photo: GCB)

The course covers areas such as Game, Safety and Inclusion, Participants, the Coach, Effective Training Sessions, and Game Day. The teachers are also exposed to best practices on Child Safety and Protection and will be guided on first aid basic knowledge requirements.

The inaugural “Five for Fun” Cricket Program involves twenty-five primary schools from each of the three counties, with five strategic locations in each of these counties represented by five schools.

These are:

Essequibo Primary Schools: Zone 1: Blake, Philadelphia, Parika Salem, St. Lawrence and Zeelugt. Zone 2: Richmond Hill, Eastern Leguan, Maryville, Success and a mixed Team. Zone 3: San Souci, Zeelandia, Mariah’s Pleasure, Arturville and a mixed school. Zone 4: Good Hope, Aurora, Huis-T-Dieren, Suddie and Fishar. Zone 5: Sparta, Dartmouth, Better Hope, Charity and Hampton Court.

Berbice Primary Schools: Zone 1: Albion, Alness, Number 51, Number 43 and Cropper. Zone 2: Tain, Port Mourant, Rose Hall, Bohemia, and Rose Hall Estate, Zone 3: St. Theresa, St. Aloysius, Trinity Street, Sheet Anchor and Cumberland. Zone 4: New Market, Friends, Lochaber, Plegt-Anker and Overwinning. Zone 5: Ithaca, Cotton Tree, Number 8, Rosignol and Number 5.

Demerara Primary Schools: Zone 1: Christianburg, Mackenzie, One Mile, Regma and St. Aidan’s. Zone 2: Timehri, Soesdyke, Covent Garden, St. Anne’s and Providence. Zone 3: St. Pius, Smith’s Memorial, North Georgetown, St. Margaret's and Bel Air. Zone 4: Graham’s Hall, Beterverwagting/Quamina, Mon Repos, Enterprise, Enmore. Zone 5: Vreed-en-Hoop, Stewartville, Leonora, Uitvlugt and Patentia.

Coach Winston Smith and Administrator Neil Rudder with some teachers from Berbice Primary Schools (Photo: GCB)

The Republic Bank “Five for Fun” cricket programme is meant to serve as a nurturing ground for future talented cricketers through the planned programme activities that will expose them to the rudiments of the game in a fun way.

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