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Five football players have concluded training at MACORP

The second batch of students have graduated from the ground-breaking Guyana Football Federation (GFF)/MACORP industrial scholarship scheme, as the two organizations strive to support more players as they transition into the world of work.

The players have completed their industrial and vocational training at the Machine Corporation, each receiving level one certification as excavator operators.

GFF President Wayne Forde praised the players for being good ambassadors of the federation.

“I’m so happy that the footballers that benefitted from this programme so far would have taken the time to commit the discipline that is required to make it to the end of the programme. The feedback we would have received from MACORP was all positive.”

Forde noted.

These students have graduated from the programme, each receiving level one certification as excavator operators.

This batch consisted national players; 32-year-old Trevon Lythcott, 20-year-old Tyrese Lewis, 30-year-old Colin Nelson, 24-year-old Regis James and the lone female, 22-year-old Jimmaica Hunte.

Trevon Lythcott said,

“This experience have taught me a lot, cause as the (GFF) President says, you have to think about life after football. For me, this will go a far way for me as a national player as well. So I would encourage football youths across the nation to grasp this opportunity with both hands.”

Jimmaica Hunte also commented on her experience as the only female in this training batch.

“I never thought that a female could have been in that big machine operating it but overall it’s been good.”

This batch commenced their three-week training programme on October 18th.

The GFF has noted that MACORP has been impressed with the performance of the students and are eager to take on the third batch of players for training.

All players who began this training have completed the programme and graduated so far.


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