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First-ever all Girls Self-Defence Class launched by Ministry of Sport

The Ministry of Sport has announced their first-ever all girls self defence initiative which is set to begin this week.

This historic All Girls Self-Defence Class is an initiative for children ages 11 - 18 years’ old between 17:00hrs and 18:00hrs three days a week.

Sport Minister Charles Ramson Junior made the announcement on Monday at the launch of the “Teach them young” swim camp.

“For the first time we’re going to be launching a girl’s only self-defence class between the ages of 11-18. We want our young girls to be able to protect themselves.”

Classes will begin later this week and continue for four weeks in Georgetown.

“Those are going to be limited spaces too. There will be a very important secret location where these classes will be held. We won’t announce it until registration is complete but that the classes are going to be starting this week. So I’m going to encourage all of you, all the parents who have young girls – this is going to be a programme for self-defence,” the Minister further posited.


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