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Fire at Flores Marine Services suspected to be electrical – Fire Dept.

The aftermath of the fire. [Photo: MTV News Update/ Shemar Alleyne]

The fire, which destroyed the top flat of the building housing the Flores Marine Services at Durban and Chapel Streets on Thursday, is suspected of being electrical in origin.

This is according to Divisional Office-in-Charge of Operations at the Guyana Fire Service Andrew Holder, who told MTV News Update that firefighters responded prompted to the scene.

"Immediately, our SOPS kicked in, and four vehicles from stations around the capital responded…as you can see, despite massive internal damages, the building is still standing, so I think the firefighters have done a good job," Holder posited.

According to Holder, preliminary investigations by the Fire Service suspect the fire to be electrical in nature.

"The fire started in the upper flat of the building, and it is evident that it was burning within the PVC ceiling for some amount of time before it is actually identified and an alarm was raised."

Eyewitnesses told our team that only one person was inside the bottom flat of the building at the time of the fire.

John Flores, who is employed with Maritime Administration Department, rents the top building, which was being used as a training center. Investigations into the fire are continuing.


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