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FINA scholarships awarded to Grenadian, Guyanese National Swimmers

Jenebi Benoit, National Swimmer from Grenada

National swimmer, Jenebi Benoit of Grenada has been awarded a Swimming scholarship from the International Swimming Federation (FINA) from January to August 2022 at Azura Aquatics, Florida.

Benoit has participated in several regional and international Swimming competitions such as Caribbean Islands Swimming Championships (CISC), Caribbean and Central American Swimming Championships (CCCAN), CARIFTA and the FINA Junior Worlds Swimming Championships.

Leon Seaton Jr., National Swimmer from Guyana

Guyana’s Leon Seaton Jr. has also been selected for his second consecutive FINA scholarship.

During his first stint, Seaton produced a personal best of 24.84s in the 50m freestyle sprint at the South American Swimming Championship in Argentina.

After missing out on several major events in the past year by narrow margins, he has now turned his focus to improving his skills for upcoming competitions. (Loop Caribbean news)


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