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Fight over cutlass results in one dead and another seriously injured

The police in Berbice are investigating the death of a Wairuni Berbice River man and his 18 year old cousin who sustained serious injuries following a brutal attack by another male in the area in the wee hours of Monday.

The dead man has been identified as 23 year old Selmon King while the injured man has been identified as 18 year old Shane Osborne.

According to information received, there was a wedding celebration in the area and the deceased and his cousin left to visit a friend’s home where they began to drink alcoholic drinks. While there, they witnessed an argument between the suspect and two other males who were arguing over the ownership of a cutlass.

MTV News Update understands that Osborne intervened and the suspect pushed him into a canal where he attacked him with a cutlass and dealt him several chops about his body severing his left hand in the process. As he began to scream in pain, his cousin King rushed to his defence but he too was attacked and chopped about the body. He collapsed and died before being taken to the Hospital.

Both bodies were taken to the New Amsterdam Regional Hospital this morning where King was pronounced dead by a doctor and his cousin, Osborne, admitted in a critical condition.

Osborne's father, Venwest Osborne, told reporters at the hospital that he wants justice for his son.

Ranks of the Central Police Station in Region Six are currently en route to the community to conduct an investigation. The suspect has since gone into hiding.


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