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Fast charging stations for electric cars to be established in Regions 3, 4, and 6 in 2022

Prime Minister Brigadier Retired Mark Phillips says the government is working to reduce the demand for imported fossil fuels for vehicular transport so that Guyanese can transition towards clean and renewable energy.

Prime Minister Mark Phillips delivering his address at the International Energy Conference on Thursday

He says this will be done by the development of the electric vehicle industry so that fossil fuels can be substituted with electricity.

“To this end, installation of fast-charging stations for electric vehicles will be piloted during 2022 in Regions 3, 4 and 6,”

the Prime Minister announced.

He was at the time discussing the government's plan on charting a sustainable energy future at the 2022 International Energy Conference and Expo.

According to the Prime Minister, this and several other projects are currently underway to improve access to energy while at the same time transitioning towards a clean energy mix.

Phillips noted that minor behavioural changes are essential in achieving sustainable energy.

This can lead to Energy Efficiency which will see the reduction of investments in energy infrastructure, saving of energy bills, reducing the country’s oil import bill while at the same time increasing competitiveness and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

He also said that 22,000 LED bulbs and 12,000 LED cubes will be distributed to homes, businesses and government buildings in 2022.

The PM stated that

“This initiative will help to reduce the carbon footprint of homes, businesses and government buildings and trigger behavioural changes.”

In closing, the Prime Minister said the government remains committed to providing stable energy while reducing the country’s dependency on fossil fuel.


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