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Family in dire need of funds for 9-year-old's ‘life-saving’ heart transplant

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Nine-year-old Dilon Edwards from Linden Region Ten was born with a heart condition and at the age of six, his heart began becoming enlarged. This caused his lungs to swell and also caused a hole in his heart to form.

Nine-year-old Dilon Edwards

Albert Goudmijn, the father of the boy told News Update that for Dilon to survive and continue living his life, he would have to undergo a heart transplant. He said his son’s condition worsens by the day.

Albert Goudmijn and his son.

Guyana does not conduct Heart Transplants, so the family has to look overseas for assistance. Goudmijn said the procedure costs USD40,000 (8.3M in Guyanese dollars) and will be done either in Holland or New York. He is pleading with any generous donors to help him save his son’s life.

“With all my heart and respect to everyone, it’s a sick child anyone that could stretch out your hand to let us help heal this child, he’s in a condition that he really needs help…your help will do much, your support will do much.” Dilon requires oxygen every two hours to allow him to breathe and he has not been attending school because of his condition.

He also cannot play or travel long distances because he gets too tired and will suffer from shortness of breath. He is the third child of his parents. The emotional father pleaded, “I don’t want nothing happen to my child, I want him to get better, as fast as possible, Ministry of Health, anybody big that have knowledge of what’s going on here…I really need help with him.” Anyone willing to assist or donate monies for Dilon can contact his parents Albert Goudmijn and Roxanne Edwards at +592-665-9614 or can deposit monies in their Citizens Bank account number, 219334156.


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