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Families of President, Prime Minister, and Opposition Leader counted in Census 2022

Prime Minister Mark Phillips and his family being interviewed by a Census-Taker at his official residence [Photo: Bureau of Statistics/ September 15, 2022]

The Bureau of Statistics on Thursday began the enumeration process of counting all persons in Guyana in the National Population and Housing Census 2022, starting with the households of the President, Prime Minister, and Opposition Leader.

Census-takers started the count in households with First Lady Arya Ali and son Zayd Ali at State House, then continued with the Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips, his wife Mignon Bowen-Phillips, and their daughter Maya Phillips at his official residence.

Later in the day, the Leader of the Opposition, Aubrey Norton, and his family was counted at his private residence on the East Coast of Demerara.

Prime Minister Phillips, commenting on the enumeration process, said, “It is quite a simple process. Whenever the team comes to your home, kindly cooperate and get the interview done because it’s also important for the information to be available to us as a government to plan and implement our programmes and projects for the development of Guyana, development that you will benefit from.”

During the count of the First Family, the Chief Statistician, Errol La Cruez, who was present during the process, said: “The first lady was very receptive and accommodating to the Census-taker. She recognised the importance of the Census and acknowledged the impact the Census data will have on improving the lives of persons across Guyana.”

When his household was counted, Norton said: “It is my view that a Census is important. It will allow us to understand the demographics in Guyana, among other things. Be part of the Census, ensure you are counted. It will contribute to the kind of data that is needed to do the kinds of analysis and projections in societies like ours.”

The Census will take a complete count of the country’s population and buildings to provide vital data for developmental plans for the nation, as well as provide the private sector with information that will help in new investment areas.

Trained ‘Census-Takers’ from the Bureau of Statistics will visit every home in Guyana over the next eight weeks to collect this vital information from the population. This exercise occurs every ten years under the Statistics Act of 1965.

The 2022 Census is historic for Guyana since enumerators will be collecting data electronically instead of on paper, as was done in the past.

All enumerators must present their Bureau of Statistics Identification Badges before entering any person’s home during the Census.

It should be noted that all persons who spent Census night within the boundaries of Guyana will be counted in the Census, regardless of nationality. Census night is between 12 midnight and 6:00 am on September 15, 2022.


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