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Faeber defends Chairman’s position, says he has years of experience

Chairman of the Local Government Commission Julius Faeber on Wednesday defended his position after City Mayor Ubraj Narine said "I am surprised of Mr.Faeber acting like he don’t know anything about local government Like he don’t have any experience in this system."

The Chairman responded to the Mayor's statement and said "I want to let the Mayor of Georgetown understand that as Chairman of the Local Government Commission I came here with a wealth of experience at the regional level."

Mr Faeber who served as the Regional Chairman of Region Three for some 15 years went on to further say “I think his Excellency President Mohamed Irfaan Ali thought it best to have me at the commission because of my experience."

He went on to question the Mayor on what basis he came to the conclusion that he had no experience at the Local Government level.

“I don’t know how the Mayor can say that the Chairman has no experience on the Local Government level."

Mr Narine also said that the commission is not neutral. However, Mr Faeber made it clear that the commission is an independent body.

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