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Expansion of shipping industry key, but preserving marine ecosystem crucial- Edghill

Minister of Public Works, Juan Edghill says the expansion of the shipping industry is key but also ensuring the marine ecosystems are persevered and sustained is a crucial matter.

The Minister underscored the importance of this matter as he addressed a gathering at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre on World Maritime Day which was observed under the theme “New Technologies for Greener Shipping.”

“The search is on how we can expand shipping which is so essential for our human survival and at the same time preserve our blue economy and as well ensuring that we are moving in the direction of reduced emission in keeping with the expectations of the world and in compliance with the sustainable agreement goal,” Edghill said.

“We have to understand that everything we use on or ship and we dump or we discharge or dispose it would have significant impact on lives in the ocean.”

Guyana has embarked on a Low Carbon Development Strategy and has include the blue economy as referenced by Minister Edghill above. This addresses the sustainable use of the sea while other renewable fuels are being developed.

Therefore, Minister Edghill said it is time to have a more serious conversation on sustaining marine life.


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