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"Every day I is sit down and think about her," says mother of E'bo 2014 accident victim

Dead: Chandanie Dass

The death and loss of a child is frequently called the 'ultimate tragedy,' and nothing can be more devastating. But listening to Dhanraj and Kissoondey Dass speak about the unbearable loss of their daughter, Chandanie Dass, would reduce one to tears.

Dass, the former Branch Manager for Courts' Richmond office, was killed on August 12, 2014, in an accident on the Annandale Public Road, Essequibo Coast.

After evading Police for the past eight years, 26-year-old Nicklous Singh was recently charged with the woman's demise.

During an inclusive interview with MTV News Update, the dead's woman mother said that she is optimistic that justice would be served after so many years.

"We feel very happy that he was arrested have so many years; we feel that we are going to get justice," the mother said as she fought hard to hold back her tears.

According to the grieving mother, she was told by law enforcement officers that Singh was hiding out in Venezuela. But she is adamant that his parents were obscuring him.

"This boy did not deh Venezuela; he been deh right at his house and a hide all the time. People told us, and we went several times to make a report, and at one time, the Police tell us that he passed away in Venezuela," she explained.

Despite her daughter's untimely demise, the mother expressed that not a day goes by without thinking and reflecting on her life.

"I have to try and live with duh, every day I is sit down and think about her because she would have taken care of us because we are going through a lot of things at this place."

In fact, the mother said that it has been "tough" on the family as her daughter was the sole breadwinner. On the other hand, her father, Dhanraj, added that he is very sickly and relies on his pension to make ends meet. Apart from his pension, he said they have a kitchen garden, which aids in the food supply.

"We had put down the matter, and now that they arrest him back, it raise up back the weakness in us – the pain, the sorrow because we don't know what is going to be the outcome of it," a disconsolate Dhanraj stated.

To this end, he described his daughter as a hardworking person who was well educated.

Charged: Nicklous Singh

In April, Nicklous was remanded to prison and charged with causing death by dangerous driving.

Dass, 32, at the time of the accident, was driving motor car PSS 3067 south on the Annandale Public Road when Singh, who was driving motor car PRR 9027, slammed into her.

She was reportedly returning from a wedding reception, along with her cousin, Ponnai Dass.

Both women were pinned in the wreckage after the accident, pulled out, and rushed to the Suddie Public Hospital by community residents.

The former Manager, who sustained extensive spinal and other injuries, succumbed on August 4, 2014, after she was air-dashed to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Singh was in Police custody in November 2015 and was granted $150,000 bail. He signed a document to return to court but was a no-show on November 18, 2015, at the Suddie Magistrates Court.

The then Police Prosecutor Ramsahoye Rambajue asked for an arrest warrant for the defendant after he had repeatedly failed to attend court. The case had been adjourned on numerous occasions because of the suspect's absence.


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