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EU hopes to reduce road fatalities among children through donation of reflective lights

The European Union on Monday evening launched its road safety initiative through the donation of 17,000 reflective lights. This initiative aims to improve the safety of children traversing the roadways at night.

EU Ambassador and Head of the Delegation Dr Fernando Ponz Canto, while addressing the children, encouraged them to avoid using the roadway at night but noted that if they are to do so, they must wear protective gear. These reflective lights will be distributed to students across the country.

“The cars that pass by will see you better… We hope that this will be a contribution for the students who have to wake up or who have to go home late and they have to walk in the dark. Road safety is very important,” he noted.

Chairman of the National Road Safety Council Earl Lambert lauded the initiative while noting that it is critical for all stakeholders to get involved in reducing road fatalities.

He stressed that “we are a country with a population of less than a million, and based on what we are seeing, I think we have to make sure that we address the lawlessness on the road.”

He continued, “People might be blaming the government, but we don’t blame ourselves because we use the road carelessly.”

Meanwhile, Education Minister Priya Manickchand said that everyone must play a role in protecting children on the roadway.

She noted that often persons would call on the ministry to implement programmes in school to address this matter but stressed that it would take more than that.

“Parents took a stronger role, the village and community members took a stronger role in educating children about some of the issues that are even more relevant now.”

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