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Elite Kayaking launches paddle-boarding experience

The launch of the Elite Kayaking paddle-boarding experience [Photo: Guyana Tourism Authority/ May 18, 2024]

Visitors to Linden can now enjoy paddle-boarding in the Blue Lake with the launch of Elite Kayaking and Nature Tours’ latest offering.

Owner Deon Anderson, speaking to the media on Saturday, noted that his operations expanded after receiving a government grant through the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) last year.

“Through the product development grant that was offered last year by the Guyana Tourism Authority, we were one of the beneficiaries we were able to therefore add to the kayaking experience the paddle boarding,” Anderson stated.

The new activity showcases the beauty and talent of Linden, taking visitors on an adventure within the blue lakes. GTA’s Product Development Manager, Candace Phillips, highlighted that Region Ten is a priority area for product and circuit development this year.

“These things add to product diversity and the offering that elite will now be able to now offer its guests. So, it wouldn’t only be the kayaking, but it would also be persons learning how to paddleboard, which is a whole new experience by itself”, the Product Development Manager stated.

She added that it would not only be about developing products but would also be about adding to the diversity and adding new compliments.

“So, that in each successive year you can have new experiences being offered by the same operators,” Phillips stated.

Media representatives experienced kayaking and paddle-boarding across one of the blue lakes during the launch event.

Elite Kayaking and Nature Tours began operations in 2020 with ten kayaks and has since expanded to include tubes and jet skis. Anderson noted that the operation facilitates tours every weekend. [Extracted and modified from the Department of Public Information]



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