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Education Ministry eyes rebuilding St George’s High School

Minister of Education Priya Manickchand

The Ministry of Education is likely to rebuild the St. George’s High school, which was destroyed by a massive fire last month.

This was revealed by Subject Minister Priya Manickchand while speaking on a recent edition of the Education Spotlight.

According to Minister Manickchand, President Irfaan Ali is keen on having the 400 affected students relocated. Thus far, the majority of the students have been relocated.

“We are looking to rebuild that school; whether on the same piece of land will be determined. That land is not owned by the Government. It’s owned by the Anglican Church. We’re having some conversation with the church,” Minister Manickchand explained.

She also highlighted that they are currently rebuilding some other schools, such as North West and North Ruimveldt, which were both destroyed by fire.

Since assuming office, Minister Manickhand has been working assiduously to ensure quality education is delivered to students, which includes the construction of new schools.

The St. George’s High School, a List C Grade B School, was housed in mostly a wooden building. On July 20, a fire of unknown origin ravaged the High School, leaving hundreds displaced.

MTV News Update previously reported that a teacher who was on the scene related that she, along with some of the students, were returning from lunch when she received a call informing her that smoke was emerging from the Social Studies room.

After receiving the news, the teacher and the students exited the building unhurt.


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