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Education. Min to engage CXC to not release results of 2023 candidates who do not return textbooks

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand says next year, students who fail to return textbooks would not be able to access their results for the Caribbean Secondary Education Council (CSEC) examination, popularly known as CXCs.

The Education Minister has continuously urged students to return the Ministry’s loaned textbooks upon completion of each grade to ensure the incoming batch of students could then benefit from them.

Minister Manickchand had explained, these textbooks are loaned so students can access quality education without any hindrances.

“This year we didn’t get a chance to say to CXC do not release to John, Mary or Sunita because they haven’t given back our textbooks but next year we will ask them to do that,” Manickchand said.

The Ministry earlier this year, also made it clear that parents of students who did not return loaned textbooks would not receive the $30,000 ‘Because We Care’ cash grant.

The Ministry has made textbooks free and accessible to all primary school students. An initiative similar to this nature will be rolled out in secondary schools shortly.


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