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Easier access for Sarah & Belle Plain residents as wooden bridge to be transformed into concrete

NDC Chairman Tareeq Ahmad speaking with MTV's News Update, Reana Griffith

Wakenaam residents, particularly farmers, will now have easier access traversing the Sarah- Belle plain bridge as the wooden structure will be transformed into a concrete structure.

This is according to Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) Chairman Tareeq Ahmad, who told MTV News Update that this project was long anticipated and reflects a promise by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Government.

“This has been a problematic bridge for the past two years, and we are happy this is being done […] we had to replace the boards and repair it, the structure generally was going and the beam. Last crop, we had to limit the weight of the trucks that passed with the paddy and the construction of the road in Zeelandia the trucks had to go the other way around,” he said as he highlighted some challenges the wooden structure had posed.

According to Ahmad, the project is pegged at approximately $20 million, and some 2000 persons would benefit from this transformation.

The curent structure of the bridge

He explained, “this bridge takes you to the stelling, from the far end Zeelandia 5 miles, people coming out with their produce, their rice, their coconuts, their cattles, they traverse from this roadway to the stelling to the shopping areas in Wakenaam as well as the hospital, police station and post office so this will benefit at least 2,000 people coming in.”

The contractors are mobilising equipment to commence construction, but the weather has resulted in some setbacks. However, once work can begin, the project will be completed within three weeks.

Meanwhile, Anand Mohabir, a resident who does farming, lauded the Government for making this intervention as he said this would make his work much easier.

The Government has come in for high praise from some of the residents in

Wakenaam who acknowledged all they have been doing for them.


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