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Duncan says he attempted to investigate and confirm identity of man who threatened President

Opposition Member of Parliament Sherod Duncan has refuted allegations that he had someone threaten to kill the President. Mr. Duncan has also stated in no uncertain terms that he has no knowledge of who the individual is or does he condone the threat made by the man.

Duncan on Tuesday streamed a live protest which erupted as a result of an inaccurate post by a popular “social media agency” suggesting that the police officer who fatally shot Quindon Bacchus was released.

At some point in the livestream, a protester was heard saying “We will kill the president too.”

Duncan failed to comment on that statement immediately and that is what led thousands to conclude that he was in support of the threat made by the protestor.

In his defence, the Opposition MP said “There were thousands of people saying all sort of things. We couldn’t monitor everything everybody say it was a live broadcast,” and has since come forward to condemn the utterance made by this individual.

“Those really and truly are reprehensible comment that is not about what we do, that is not who we are and is not what a protest should be about, harming people and threatening to harm the president. That is very regrettable on what was said,” Duncan noted during an episode of In the Ring.’

According to Duncan, after hearing about the assassination threat against the president he attempted to conduct his own investigation about the man who made the threats.

President Irfaan Ali has since come forward to say that he “will be asking for the Parliament to pass a unanimous resolution decrying political violence and threats of assassination. Because, in order to build one Guyana for all, we must speak with one voice that threats of political violence and assassination will not be tolerated in our democratic society.”

The Guyana Police Force will be investigating the matter.


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