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Drivers urged to exercise 5 ‘C’s’ as school reopens and more traffic is expected

Schools across Guyana reopened on Monday and traffic leading back and from the city has been more than usual.

However, citizens across the city had mixed views about the traffic control. While some of them commended the Guyana Police Force (GPF) for doing their part to ease the congestion others believe more can be done.

“Right now it increase, you’re spending more time to get to town so I’d advise if they can work into something to make priority route for buses. The railway embankment I see it is not much occupied if they can make there as a priority route within the hours for workers to get to work early and even if they can ease off some of the trucks at a specific hour, Monday to Friday that can help significantly,” said Kelroy a bus operator plying his trade at the East Coast bus park.

He added “the police doing their work cause sometimes it looks too much to them. Sometimes it’s one police at an intersection cause they might be calling traffic and some persons don’t see the police and it can cause confusion.”

Meanwhile, a citizen who opted to remain unnamed said “it got so much thing can be done in this country for example these roads in the country they supposed to make it one in one out like in Berbice,” while relating that traffic has indeed increase.

However, Isiah a conductor related he has not seen any difference in the flow and build up to traffic.

“The traffic has been alright. I do think the traffic police is doing a good job. I saw they caught a driver on his phone the other day. They do what they have to do."

In an invited comment, Traffic Chief Dennis Stephen said the ranks have been working at some of the busiest intersections and reminded that while the police may play a role in easing the traffic congestion it is also the responsibility of the drivers to exercise the five C’s.

The 5 C’s are care, caution, consideration, common sense and courtesy.


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