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Don't even think about it - Min Croal tells potential East Coast squatters

Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal on Saturday urged persons from Success, East Coast Demerara (ECD), to desist from squatting while noting that there is no need to occupy state lands illegally.

The Housing and Water Minister made the statement while addressing scores of residents at a public meeting held at Chateau Margot Primary School.

According to Croal, there were over 30 squatters when he visited the area, and out of that amount, only seven applied for house lots.

The Minister said this poses some challenges to his Ministry in promptly allocating house lots to these persons while stressing that there is a process in which lands are given.

Notwithstanding the high number of squatters in the area, Croal promised to intervene.

“There is no need for squatting. Follow the right procedure […] We will fix Success,” he assured.

Meanwhile, the Minister said massive development is pegged for the East Coast corridor while warning persons who may have the urge to now go and squat to not “even think of this” as the Ministry would have already done “their groundwork.”

The squatters have been occupying the lands for a number of years, which were initially owned by GUYSUCO.

In the meantime, the Minister promised massive housing development along the East Coast corridor while noting that for the past two years, they have been able to allocate some 4,700 house lots along this path.

During the outreach, persons were given the opportunity to get an update on the house lot allocation process and share any issues they might be encountering.


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