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Do not stigmatise against a certain group of people, everyone can get monkeypox - Dr. Jagnarine

Guyana has recorded its first case of the monkeypox virus in a 57-year-old man from Region Four. Health officials have warned persons to exercise caution, although one can only become infected through direct skin-to-skin contact.

Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony had explained that men who have sex with men are more prone to the disease.

Programme Manager of the National Aids Programme Secretariat (NAPS) Dr. Tariq Jagnarine during an interview with MTV News Update recently explained that the HIV population is at risk and vulnerable.

Programme Manager of the National Aids Programme Secretariat (NAPS) Dr. Tariq Jagnarine

“Ideally, anyone can get Monkeypox if they’re exposed to that person who has it. Within the HIV arena, persons who may come into contact with someone […] they can be at risk, it’s not just a disease that is restricted towards the key population or the LGBTQ community, anyone can get it but they are at risk,” Dr. Jagnarine said.

The Doctor is urging persons to desist from stigmatising against the high risk communities but reminded that anyone can become infected with the disease.

Jagnarine added, “It affects everyone, while you may look at the total cases around the world, it’s not only seen in the MSM population, it’s seen in everyone, so persons should not go back to the days where HIV was highly stigmatised and add stigma to the monkeypox”

Cases have been identified in over 90 countries globally. NAPS is also sensitising their key population through various sessions.

“We work with our patients because it’s HIV; we want them to be knowledgeable about monkeypox,” Dr. Jagnarine concluded.

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