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“Do not let this moment slip you by”- Ali pushes for oil and gas partnership with Saudi Arabia

Photo Credit - DPI
DPI photo

A delegation of 65 representatives from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia visited Guyana on Saturday to discuss possible areas of investment locally. The delegation included members of the private and public sectors.

The Investment Engagement was held at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre with President Irfaan Ali delivering the feature address, calling investors to action.

According to the President, there are numerous areas of cooperation that both countries' private sectors can embark on, particularly in the oil and gas sector, as Guyana is relatively new with this sector. He also noted this sector has been proven to be one that brings in finance.

DPI photo
DPI photo

“You have a lot of experience [in the oil and gas sector], you know where the opportunities are that they may not be seeing, you know how to unlock those opportunities, you know how to expand those opportunities. This is your opportunity to share with them that knowledge and to partner with them in unlocking the opportunity for the benefit of both private sectors,” the President said.

President Ali said this engagement stems from the hard work of both Governments and it is against this backdrop that he urged the private sector investors, particularly those in the oil and gas sector to “Not let this moment slip you by, do not let these opportunities go by.”

The visit of the delegation stems from bilateral discussions between President Ali and Saudi Arabian Prince, Adel bin Ahmed Al- Jubeir last week.

President Ali said that Guyana has a very dynamic private sector and has since urged them to discuss and agree on investment opportunities so that this engagement can be a “win win” for both of the countries private sector.

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