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“Do not give them money”-Deputy Chairman of CPA tells citizens who give money to child beggars

The Ministry of Human Services and Social Security on Friday held a community outreach at the Mon Repos Market tarmac and while addressing residents, Deputy Chairman of the Childcare and Protection Agency (CPA) Leveine Gouveia said that she has noticed a number of child beggars along the Market road.

There, she urged the residents to contact the CPA on 914 to report cases of this nature and also urged them to not give the children money as she posited that doing so will encourage them to continue begging.

“They are endangering themselves by being out there and getting money because people can take advantage of them and you giving them money is one way of enabling them so you too are at fault. So don’t give them no money,” she said.

Gouveia also stressed the importance of reporting these cases. She said “at home they may be going through a situation and they don’t know how they can get help.”

She explained that through the Family Services Unit, guidance will be given on these matters.

Many children may turn to begging on the street as a result of financial hardship in their homes.

Meanwhile, she also encouraged families who may be facing challenges with their children to utilise the resources of the CPA.

Citizens who attended the meeting were also given the opportunity to raise issues affecting them with the Human Services Minister, Dr. Vindhya Persaud and her team.

This community outreach forms part of the Government efforts to engage the public and address issues affecting them.

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