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Defeating All Odds for Success

The community of Sophia for many years has been tainted with violence, drug use, and criminal elements, but one resident is bent on changing this perception of the community.

Twenty-eight year old proprietor of Suburbia Learning Centre & Services, Munifa Erskine is instilling her positive values in the young minds of the community she is moulding.

"I have a passion and love for teaching. I enjoy sharing knowledge and adding value to others...and to help others improve their lives and make a difference in the community."

Munifa was born and raised in Sophia.

She decided as a child that she wanted to contribute to the development of the community in whatever way she could.

Growing up with six siblings, Erskine's childhood was very much different from the children of today.

"I enjoyed every bit of my childhood. Growing up without technology and little TV time forces you to be creative. I remember making toys out of match and Colgate boxes and riding a bicycle without a tyre and a tube-playing with marbles and rubber bands-telling stories whenever there was a full moon or blackout."

During the August holiday, Region Two, Pomeroon-Supenaam, was the adventure. She admitted that "life was much simpler then."

She studied at Central High School before moving on to the University of Guyana to pursue a career in Computer Science.

After realising her potential and her innate desire to teach, in 2014 Munifa founded the Suburbia Learning Centre & Services, giving back to her community.

"I started teaching a few months after finishing my final year at UG and after about 3 months, I realised that it was something I found great joy in doing. I taught for about 3 years in the private sector before working professionally in IT. I then started a computer literacy course that encompasses both my IT and teaching skills."

Suburbia Learning Centre teaches Basic Computer skills/literacy courses, Phonics, Reading, Numeracy, Maths, and English.

Erskine foresees massive growth in her business, with the advancement of technology necessitating computer literacy.

Apart from her business, the entrepreneurial woman works as a system analyst and is also a budding event planner.

"I would encourage others to be in this industry and to become entrepreneurs. I believe if you have a passion/dream then that should be acted upon."

Erskine is one of a plethora of examples in Sophia, working earnestly to change the environment and the perception it has. She is indeed a special person.

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