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Decrease in COVID-19 testing & vaccination could be 'problematic' - Dr Anthony

The Government in early March removed most of the COVID-19 restrictions to allow for the safe re-opening of the country.

However, Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony on Monday said the ministry has recorded a decrease in COVID-19 testing and vaccinations since the restrictions have been removed.

“That can be a little bit problematic because we still need more people to be vaccinated, first dose in many regions is relatively high, 2nd dose we still have a challenge, and booster doses we still have a far way to go," Dr Anthony stated.

The Health Minister said although there has been a decline in cases, persons still need to get vaccinated to prevent them from contracting a severe form of the virus. “So that we make sure that people are protected without a vaccine, they are going to have challenges and they can end up in the hospitals.”

Over the last 24 hours, only one positive case was recorded and there are currently 87 active cases in the country. Two patients are hospitalised in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). So far, 65.5% of adults and 34.2% of children are fully vaccinated.


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