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Trucks travelling at a deadly rate of speed have become a concern for traffic officials. The number of accidents involving trucks has risen within recent months with the main factor of these accidents being speed, and not being able to stop at a safe distance to prevent collision.

The sometimes-reckless behaviour of truck drivers has even resulted in the death of drivers and pedestrians. Despite the prosecution of errant truck drivers, the carnage continues.

Traffic Chief Dennis Stephens explained that the trend has caught the attention of the traffic department who constantly implore truck drivers to be cautious, especially when carrying tons of weight.

“A few years ago, those Lorries would have had unladen weight of 20 miles an hour. Currently we have a speed limit and all drivers must obey that speed limit […] because what you find is that weight also, speed, and danger distance, and take into consideration stopping distance. It is the driver’s responsibility to drive at a safe rate of speed.” The Traffic Chief said.

According to Stephens, truck drivers, before driving along the East Bank Public Road, are engaged in a discussion daily about the dangers associated with reckless driving.

“The traffic department would have reached out to many owners, however, what we do currently is have a lecture in the morning, because in the morning period at Soesdyke junction, we have the trucks that would be there to proceed from 8 [… ] We have the truck detained and then we have a lecture to them about defensive driving and driving within a good rate of speed.” He noted.

The Traffic Chief reiterated to drivers to continue to drive safely on the roads, observing the five C’s of the road.


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