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Cycling Federation hopes to host Caribbean Championships

The Guyana Cycling Federation is hoping to host the Caribbean Cycling Championships for the first time. This is just one of many exciting events planned for the local racing calendar.

The Guyana Cycling Federation is anticipating a busy 2022 racing calendar, set to feature mainly road races.

Guyana Cycling Federation President Linden Dowridge says,

“So far we have a decent calendar for this year. Of course this all hinges on permission from the Covid Task Force – you know we’re in the middle of a pandemic. But once we get permission from them we’ll get our events off”

This year’s racing schedule will also include the Annual Three-Stage Championships.

This event began in 1983 and ran until 2016, before it was cancelled in 2017 due to disagreements between the Cycling Federation and the National Sports Commission.

The National Cycling Championships are also anticipated to go ahead this year.

Dowridge also made a bid for Guyana to host a major regional championship in October.

“Our Caribbean counterparts have reached out to us and we’ve accepted to host the games this year. So we’re in the process of putting the plans together.”

he noted.

While Guyana has never hosted this event, we have hosted the junior edition of the Championship in August of 2019 in Bartica.

Dowridge says many of the federation’s Caribbean counterparts have expressed their willingness to come to Guyana later on this year to partake in the event.

He adds that once he receives information on the number of persons expected to participate, he will approach the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport for support.


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